Fellowships at the Centre

The work at the Centre is actively carried out by the Fellows and Associate & International Key Fellows

The Centre is designed as an open structure through which interested researchers from various disciplines can actively contribute to the work at the Centre. IT awards fellowships that show active engagement in the Centre, e.g. through research groups, in affiliated research projects or support of transfer formats. The Board decides on the awarding of fellowships on the basis of a formal application sent by e-mail to: info@bwi.uni-hannover.de.

According to the centre´s order, two types of fellowships can be awarded.


  • Members and staff of Leibniz University Hanover
  • Defines scientific and organisational development
  • Unlimited in time; expires upon withdrawal from Leibniz University Hanover or expiry of the Centre's term (currently: 30.06.2025)
  • entitled to vote at the general meeting
  • can stand for election to the Board
  • can propose Associate/ International Fellows

Associate and International Key Fellows

  • Associate Fellows are members of Leibniz University Hanover as well as members of other universities and institutions within Germany
  • International Key Fellows are Associate Fellows from universities and institutions outside Germany
  • actively participate in the work of the Centre
  • long term associate fellowship: limited to two years or
  • permanent associate fellowship: unlimited (until the end of the Centre's term, currently: 30.06.2025)
  • Admission upon proposal of Fellows by the Board